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Call +1-844-827-5222 – Pogo accounts are now EA accounts. Technical Support and Customer Service Phone Number for Pogo EA Games

Pogo is owned by Ea, and Ea Network Accounts allow you to access all of EA’s sites, games, and services. whenyou update to your new account, you’ll check invictimization your email address and Pogo secretrather than your Pogo screen name and secret. You’ll still be known by your screen name in games and chats, and your email address won’t be visible to alternative players.

How do i do knowthis variation is returning from Pogo?
EA owns Pogo and that weembrace our disapproval or copyright on emails and therefore the Pogo web site.

On the Pogo web site you’ll see this copyright at all-time low of the page.

EA trademark on Pogo web site

And you’ll see this emblem and message on emails from U.S.A..

EA trademark on emails from Pogo

What willthis variationfacilitate with?
Connecting your Pogo account to associate degreeEa Account canfacilitate keep it safer.

What willEa Accounts do?
They allow you to keep all of your friends and favorite games in one place and you’ll use them to log in to assist.ea.com, origin.com, easports.com, and alternative official Ea websites.

THE modification IS afoot
Some players have already came upon their Ea account. We’ll be serving toadditional players within thereturningmonths. You’ll see this screen once your account is prepared for the update.

Updating Pogo account screen

Things to know:
When it’s your address update you’ll couplethroughoutcheck in.
Use your account like traditionaltill you’re asked to update.
Sign in together with your email and Pogo secretto completethe method.
We’ll raise you to settle ona replacementsecret and security question.
You’ll get a blunder if your laptop tries to log you in together with yourprevious Pogo secret. ensure you delete the previoussecret from your browser’s history.

Here’s what it’s like:

New Pogo check in page

At all-time low of the page is our emblem and message that Pogo is an element of the Ea Network.

We’ll email you a listing of your screen names, thereforeyou’ll link everyto at least one email address. If you don’t have enough email addresses, you’llcreateadditional with associate degree email supplier.


Follow these steps if you have gotover one screen name connected to your email:
Open www.pogo.com.
Sign in together with your email and secret. (Remember this can be the new log in data. Before this was your screen name and secret.)
Choose a distinct email address to travel with every screen name.
Make a note of that email belongs to that screen name and you’re all set!
Some useful tips:
EA advisors will delete Pogo accounts that you simply don’t need. Recover all of your favorite accounts, then work with associate degreeauthority to delete the others.
Make a note of every Pogo account you have got and its email address. You’ll would like this data to log in together with your screen names within the future.
Head to the “Forgot Your Screen Name” page.
Enter your email address beneath Forgot your screen name?
Check your email. If it’s coupled to a Pogo account, we’ll send a listing of your screen names and therefore the last time you logged in with every.
Check your spam filters and direct mail if you don’t see the e-mail.
Contact Eafacilitate if you’re still missing your list.
HAVE additional QUESTIONS?
What if I don’t bear in mind my password?
Click Log In next to the Origin emblem at the highest of this page and so the Forgot Your Password? link beneaththe secret field. Enter your email address associate degreed you’ll get an email together with yourEa Account secret.

Why did I actually haveto verify my email address?
We asked to formcertain it’s right, that you simply have access, which nothing is spelled wrong. If your email address is previousotherwise you don’t have access, visit your My Accounts page to update it. This Pogo business executiveweb log talks additionalconcerning why we have a tendency toensure email addresses.

Why is my secret reset causingPine Tree State to Ea.com?
Pogo accounts area unitcoupled to Ea and this could happen.

What if i would liketo form a modification to my account?
Use this Eafacilitate article to find outhowever.