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Call +1-844-827-5222 – Linking your console accounts to your Pogo EA Account. Contact Technical Support and Customer Service Phone Number for Pogo EA Games

WHAT area unit the advantages OF LINKING an ACCOUNT? Contact Technical Support and Customer Service Phone Number for Pogo EA Games

Linking your Ea account to your vice profiles like your Xbox Gamertag, PlayStation™ Network ID, or Nintendo Switch account, permits you to get on-line to play our games and save information that isn’t saved regionally. Your game progress won’t be ready to cross platforms, howeverall of yourinformationare connected.

If you wishto find outhowever Pogo and Ea Accounts work along, we have got you lined here.

How am i able to check if I have already gotAssociate in NursingEa Account?
Try work in on Ea.com to envision if you are already signed up. you musthave already gotAssociate in NursingEaAccount if you’ve bought games through Origin or contendAana game on-linetogether with your console.

If you’ve been enjoyingEa games for a short time, there’s a decentlikelihood that your Ea Account uses a similaremail address as your Nintendo, PlayStation™ Network, or Xbox Live account.

Try victimisation that email address to log in.
If you don’t keep in mind your parole, click Forgot Your Password? to reset it.
Check your email (including your spam/junk folders) for a link to reset your parole.
If you get Associate in Nursing email, congrats! You’ve already got Associate in NursingEa Account connectedto it email address. Once you bear the parole reset method, you’ll log into your game and you aresensibleto travel.
If you don’t get an email when 5-10 minutes, repeat these steps for the other email address you may have used instead.
Once you’re logged in, check your regardingPine Tree State section on myaccount.ea.com to envision your Connected Accounts. Any Xbox Gamertags and PSN IDs that area unit connected to your Ea Account can show here, however Connected Switch Accounts won’t show here.

I don’t have anEa Account – however do I create one?
Head here. Remember, the best and best thanks to keep your accounts aligned is to use a similar email address on all of your accounts.

Make sure the Gamertag, PSN ID, or Nintendo Account you’re making an attemptto attach to is your main account.
All you’ve need to do is open one in all our games on your PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch. Some games raise you to log in at the beginning, others prompt you to sign into Ea servers after youattempt to access on-line modes.

Put within the email address and parole for your primary Ea Account once you’re asked to log in. Once you’ve signed in, your accounts areconnected.

Can I link a sub-account?
Sub-accounts that share Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation and won’t be ready toconnect withEa Accounts to play on-line.

If you created your Ea Account victimisationa similar email address you utilize for your platform-specific account, load any Ea game on your Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch and your accounts ought tomechanically connect.

I think I’ve already connected my accounts, howeveram i able to check?
You will check if you’ve connected your accounts before by checking your regardingPine Tree State page on myaccount.ea.com. Any Xbox Gamertags and PSN IDs that area unitconnected to your Ea Account can show underneath Connected Accounts. Connected Switch Accounts won’t show here.


You should solelyought to link your account once, howeveryou willought to log in once more if:

you’re enjoyingAssociate in Nursing older Ea game
you’ve switched Gamertags, PSN IDs, or Switch Accounts
you’ve removed all of yourtrustworthy devices from your Ea Account
you’re enjoying on a brand new console
you’ve upgraded from Xbox 360 or PS3 to Xbox One or PS4.
Did you upgrade? If you’re victimisationa similar PSN ID or Gamertag, confirmyou utilizea similarEa Account you used before, too.
Link your accounts through the Eafacilitateweb site
Hit Log In at the highest of this page, or any page on facilitate.ea.com.
Choose the choice to sign onvictimisation your PSN or Xbox Live credentials.
PSN and Xbox login choices on the Eafacilitate login page.

Fill within the login details from your console within the pop-up.
All set! Your accounts area unitconnected.
It isn’t potential for you to unlink your gamertag.

If you’re thinking that your account was compromised, contact us.