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Call +1-844-827-5222 – How to manage payment issues and errors in Pogo. Phone Number for Pogo EA Games Support

Use this info if there’smiscalculation or issue whereascreatinga buying deal in Pogo.
Payment problems and errors
We might not be ready tomethod a pre-paid open-end creditas a result ofthe cardboardsupplier is declining the group action. Some pre-paid card varieties block digital or on-line transactions. Please discuss withthe cardboardsupplier or attempt another payment choice.

You can conjointlyattemptemploying atotally different browser:

Internet adventurereleven
Google Chrome
If that doesn’t work, attempt clearing your cache.

Errors once youattempt to renew your subscription or purchase Gems

Make sure the name, address, and alternativeinfo you enter matches what your bank or mastercard company has on file.

For example:

If the name on your card is Janine J. Smith, use that instead ofGregorian calendar month Smith.
If your address is 123 Magnolia Drive on your financial statement, use that instead of 123 Magnolia Dr.
If you’ve gotproperlycrammed in your info and there’s still miscalculation, there is also a server issue.

We suggest waiting 10-15 minutes and making an attemptonce more. don’t be concernedconcerning being beakeddouble. you may not be charged unless your payment is accepted. once payment is accepted you may see a confirmation page rather thanmiscalculation message. once payment is complete you may receive a confirmation email to your registered email address.

You can conjointly use another payment technique like PayPal.

If you follow these steps and still can’t create a payment or purchase, contact us.