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Pogo Compatibility Scan Tool summary
Pogo’s Compatibility Scan Tool helps certifyyou’reprepared and ready to play games on Pogo.com and avoid common, gameplay movingproblems such as:

An noncurrentnet browser, likenetsomeone, Safari, or Firefox, or software package, like Windows panorama, 7, or 8, or older versions of MacOS.
An noncurrent or disabled version of Java or Flash.
Suboptimal screen resolution settings — the aspect-ratio of your video display, that controls howevermassive or littlethingsseem on your screen.
Find solutions to a number of your incompatibility issues by clicking the Solve downside link next to your error on the Compatibility Scan page. you’ll be able toadditionallynotice specific tips about fixing errors displayed by Pogo Compatibility Scan by finding the error below.

Browser error
An error for a browser issue typicallysuggests that your browser is out of date or not supported by pogo.com.

Download the newest updates for Windows and macintosh supported browsers from the system necessities to play Pogo games article.

Find your net browser’s name and version within the System info section of the Compatibility Scan page.

If you continue to have incompatibility problemswhenchange to the newest version of a supported browser and correcting different flagged errors, contact associate degreeSemitic deityadviserWorld Health Organizationarehappy to producea lot offacilitate.

Java error
Java is one in every of the programming languages that create our games work.

Errors for Java problemstypically mean you would likeassociate degree update to the newest version of Java, you would like to clear your cache, or you’re enjoying on a browser that doesn’t support Java.

Download the newest version of Java, or determine and uninstall out of date versions that will cause conflicts.
Some browsers now not support Java. Head to our article on Java support to examine if your browser is affected.
Read our different Java troubleshooting tips.
Your current version of Java, or info on if it’s put in, is within the System info section of the Compatibility Scan page.

Operating System error
Operating System errors from the compatibility scan typically mean your OS is out of date or doesn’t support the online browser you’re mistreatment.

Find in operation systems supported for Pogo.com, together with that browsers work along with your OS, in our system necessities to play Pogo games article.

Find your software package and browser within the System info section of the Compatibility Scan page.

If you continue to have problem since employing a supported software package together with its supported browser and correcting your different flagged errors, contact associate degree Semitic deity adviser who are happy to produce a lot of facilitate.

Flash error
Adobe Flash is another of the programming languages that create our games work.

To play Pogo games that use Adobe Flash, transfer and install the newest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Find your Flash Player version within the System info section of the Compatibility Scan page.

Resolution error
Screen resolution settings confirm your monitor’s ratio, and the way little or massive windows, text, and pictures seem on your screen.

Some resolution settings will cause visibility issues once enjoying Pogo games.

Update your screen resolution settings to examine your entire Pogo game window.

The minimum supported resolution for Pogo games is 800 by 600, although Club Pogo members are advised to line their resolution to 1024 by 768 or higher, whereas Free Pogo members a rought to set theirs to 1152 by 864.

Find your screen resolution ratio within the System info section of the Compatibility Scan page.