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Are you obtaining a black screen or message to update your video driver once youbegintaking part in a game on Pogo? Follow these steps to load your game.
Some HTML5 Pogo games want WebGL to run properly. Check if your browser will run WebGL games.


Troubleshooting steps
Update your browser to the most recent version.
Update your video card to the most recent version. Learn a lot ofregardingchange your video card.
Enable all Mac/Windows updates.
Clear your cache and cookies.
Restart your pc.
I tried these steps, and my game still isn’t operating
If your WebGL tool says it’s not supported whenchange, your hardwarecan be too previous to run WebGL games. 
If the WebGL tool says it’s supported however you get a message voice communication, “Your browser or video card drivers square measure out of date. Please attemptchangeto a different browser,” it means thatone thing is broken. Contact America for facilitate by clicking the blue button below.
Why do i would like WebGL to play games?
WebGL lets your browser run graphics and animations for HTML5 content on hardware and video cards. this implies WebGL helps your games look and play the meansthey ought to. Windows ten and different new operational systems associate with WebGL on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Computers on previousoperational systems would possiblywantAssociate in Nursing update to their OS, browser, or video card drivers to use WebGL. Check to examine if your WebGL is functioning properly.

You can’t transfer WebGL. It’s enclosed in browser support.