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Call +1-844-827-5222 – How do I recovery my Pogo password. Phone Number for Pogo EA Games

Reset your word or recover your Pogo screen name simply on one page.

To start, head to the Forgot your word and Screen name? page and so follow the steps below.

Screenshot of Forgot word or screen name page. Request word on the left, screen name on the correct.
Copy and paste a word reset link
You should have received this email:
Pogo word reset email

The section of text that starts with https followed by a string of characters and numbers is that the link that you justought to copy.
Move your mouse to the beginning of this text, simply before the h.
Click and hold down the left button on your mouse, then move your mouse over the text, from left to right. the complete link ought to be highlighted in gray.
While the link is highlighted, hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard and press C to repeat the link.
Open a window on your browser to stickwithin the link.
Click on the address bar, hold down CTRL and press V to stick the link within the address bar.
Press Enter and you’ll be sent to the address to reset your word.
Enter your Pogo screen name within the text field beneath the Forgot your Password? section.
Click Submit.
Enter the e-mail address you used for your Pogo account within the text field beneath the Forgot your screen name? section.
Click Submit.
You will receive an email with the new data at the e-mail address that you just used for your Pogo account. If you are doing not receive this message:

Be sure that you justar checking the e-mail address that you just use for your Pogo account.
Add pogo@email.pogo.com to your contact list so the message is delivered to your inbox and not your spam folder.
Follow these steps to succeed inaneaadviserand acquirefacilitatealong with your account.

Click Contact us at the bottom of this page.
Select Pogo as your platform.
Select Account Management as your topic and describe your issue. 
Example: “I cannot access my account, please help!”
Click Next to succeed in the register screen.
Since you do not have your Pogo screen name and/or password click Having hassle accessing your account? at the bottom right of the screen.
In the new window, enter your name, Last Name, and Email Address, and click on Next.
An eaadvisercan connect with you as presently as doable.