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Call +1-844-827-5222 – How can I close my EA Account? Technical Support and Customer Service Phone Number for Pogo EA Games

Want to shut your Ea Account? Learn the variations between deactivating it, that is temporary, and deleting it, that is permanent.

Contact Technical Support and Customer Service Phone Number for Pogo EA Games

You can’t deactivate or delete your Ea Account by yourself — that’s however serious we have a tendency toarconcerning it. You’ll need tovisitone in all our advisors.


Don’t leave us!
Are you positivewish|you would like|you wish} to shut your Ea Account? you will not want to delete it. Instead, you would possiblysimplywish to deactivate it.

Wait, what’s the distinction between deactivating and deleting?
Not sure thatyou would like to do? See thatsituation fits you best:

Want to simply take a clear stage from gaming? Deactivate.
Want to still access your Pogo or STAR WARS™: The previous Republic accounts? Deactivate.
Didn’t produce the account exploitation your email and need it gone? Delete.
Want to preventexploitationEaproduct and services forever? Delete.
Here’s a bitadditionaladditional information:

Deactivate account
+ readadditional
Delete account
+ readadditional
What concerning my Pogo or SW:TOR accounts?
Your Ea Account is that the foundation of your Pogo or SW:TOR account. Deleting your Ea Account canfor goodbreak your Pogo or SW:TOR account. we have a tendency to cannot restore Pogo or SW:TOR accounts once this happens, thuswe have a tendency toadvocateyou retain your account active or quickly deactivate it.

Want to staytwiddling with your Pogo or SW:TOR accounts? we have a tendency toadvocateyou retain your Eaaccount active or deactivate it, instead of delete it.

Why do I even have associate Ea account if I’m simply enjoying Pogo or SW:TOR?

EA Accounts keep everything in one place. Learn additionalconcerninghowever this affects your Pogo account or your SW:TOR account. 


General information Protection Regulation – Right to be Forgotten
Account deletion isn’tconstant as requesting your personal information be erased below the EU’s informationprotection law, the overallinformation Protection Regulation (GDPR). To exercise this right, please contact Americaexploitation the button below and mention “Right to be Forgotten.”

Ready to deactivate or delete?