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If you’ve been into mini-gaming in the last few years, then chances are you know already what Pogo is. And if you’re familiar with Pogo, you’ll know what this article is about. “Free Pogo Token” is one of the most popular Pogo-related search on Google today. Contact Technical Support and Customer Service Phone Number for Pogo EA Games

Token is the main virtual currency in Pogo. There is another currency called Gems, but because it’s not free, it’s not as popular as Token. You can use Token for many different purposes, from participating in periodic lottery drawings, buying stuff for your Mini (Pogo avatar) to gambling in Pogo casino games. As you can see, all of them is very addictive in nature. No wonder Token has become so popular in relatively short time.

Here’s my latest findings regarding the best ways to earn free Pogo Token:

1. Playing fast and easy game
You want it fast but don’t want your hands to get dirty? Then this is for you! Basically you need to play games that are fast and easy to finish. Games like Poppit! To Go and Word Whomp To Go are not recommended, because: a) They are slow, ie require much thinking. b) There are chances that you don’t succeed. If you ask me, I’d recommend Sweet Tooth To Go, especially to people just starting out, because it has none of these hassles. You can see it as free Pogo Token in its purest form!

2. Trade it with real money, aka buy it
In my research I have found that there are two kind of popular Token deal. The first is starting from $ 4.99 for 1 million Tokens and climbing up to as high as $ 99.99 for 35 million Tokens. This is especially good if you’re tight on budget (under $ 5) or do not need more than 1 million. Why? Because the second deal is a much better deal: starting from $ 5.50 for 5 million Tokens climbing up to $ 100 for 100 million Tokens!

3. The Do It Yourself (DIY) way
Want more control? Prefer to do it yourself? No problem. Some cheat gurus can teach you this for a fraction of the dollars. Once you master it, generating millions of free Pogo Token will be a breeze.